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Mesh OS

Im plannig to deploy 8 MSR2000 to make 4 bridge links to outdoor buildings. 

My question is about the use of Mesh OS , I need to buy one MeshOS licences per MSR ?, I dont need the MeshOS? or only need one MeshOS to all of them? The Idea is to have One mesh portal and one mesh point. 


Thanks in advance.

Re: Mesh OS

Hi Ericky,


MSRs are autonomous APs.   There is no controller.   So you do not have to purchase any separate license.


The hardware ships with the software pre-loaded.


You do need to purchase software maintance if you wish to have access to bug fixes, new features, etc.





Re: Mesh OS


More relevant info - regarding the product line itself and it great capabilities & specs , u may find in the following link:






Hope it will answer your questions.




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Re: Mesh OS

Oh Thanks. That's great. 

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