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Mesh Sanity check please

Hello all,

I am new to Aruba but do have experience with Cisco and Mikrotik solutions and would like a sanity check on a solution I have to design.


Requirements: Connect 2 buildings 450Ft apart with a Aruba PtP wireless link. Building roofs have clear LOS (including Fresnel zone) and site survey says clear spectrum on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Site is located in Central CA not far from Edwards AFB and one building already has a Aruba 7005 controller running code.


Proposed solution- Aruba wireless mesh PtP using AP-274 AP's and ANT-4x4-5314 14dBi antenna's on each building.


Math - Assuming 14Db antennas and using 5GHZ spectrum the free space loss is ~61DB


Looking at the AP270 Series data sheet and assume using 40Mhz channels MCS9 will transmit at +15dbm. 15dbm-61dbm= -49dbm which is 12dbm higher then then minimum receive sensitivity listed on the AP-270 data sheet.


Does anyone see any issues with this design or any potential gotchas?


Re: Mesh Sanity check please

Simple PtP, at 450ft you will have plenty of bandwidth. You may also have to back the power off a bit as too much signal can overdrive the radio and cause issues. Mesh link SNR should be no higher than low to mid 50s, and mid-40s is optimal unless there is a high noise floor.


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Re: Mesh Sanity check please

Thanks for the reply. Thats what my math indicated but this is my first Aruba Mesh install and wanted to make sure there were no hidden gotchas!

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