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Mesh between IAP92(portal) and IAP105(point)

Having not dabbled with mesh on IAPs...


I was wondering if you can mesh between IAP92 and IAP105 when the IAP92 is the portal?


I'm aware that you cannot have an IAP as a mesh point and use the ethernet port but that's not what I'm doing here.





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Re: Mesh between IAP92(portal) and IAP105(point)

Aruba Instant supports MESH for the IAP-105; IAP-134 & 135.   It does not support MESH for the IAP-92 and 93. 


Here is some detail:

1. Dual-radio only (i.e. IAP-105 )

2. Over the air provisioning (active only when one Aruba Instant mesh network is being advertized, will not work for ROW version) and over the wire provisioning.

3. Max hop count =2 (point->point->portal)

4. Max number of mesh points per mesh portal is 8

5. A mesh point cannot become the Virtual Controller

Aruba Instant Mesh will not support LAN bridging or secure wired pass-through


Hope this helps

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