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Mesh in camping situation



Imagine the following situation. We need to offer WIFI in a camping, is it possible to use IAP 175 which are doing Mesh and at the same time to have some IAP 104-105 or RAP-3 that connect to the Mesh to extend the cover ?


We would like to provide a basic cover with IAP 175 and then to have a certain number of IAP which connect wirelessly to the IAP 175. I am not sure to be enough clear.


At this time, it's not a real situation but something we are thinking about for futures deployments.







Re: Mesh in camping situation

RAP-3 have only 1 radio module :manembarrassed:

- it's cannot support mesh access and mesh backuhl.(it will not be able to connect to your mesh and on the same time give service to nearby clients)



Is not possible with a RAP3 since is not dual radio like IAP135 or 105

The mesh is built using the 5 ghz band


The iAP 104/105 will do what u need and asking for.




Keep and mind to do a good site survey - choose the right ant - and of course - make sure that all your deployment based on whether-proof wiring/AC/Poe/ant/pole.






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Re: Mesh in camping situation

Ok thanks so an IAP-104/105 can join a Mesh of 175, right ? Is there a limit of the number of IAP104/105 than can connect to a Mesh network ?





Re: Mesh in camping situation

Antenna pattern of AP105 is not suitable for mesh.   You want a pattern that is strong in the plane of the APs to maximize signal between them.  AP105 has a "squint" pattern that faces down relative to the plane of the AP.


AP104 can be connected to external directional panel and aimed back at AP175.


However, neither AP104 or AP105 is outdoor rated.


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Re: Mesh in camping situation

Thanks for all this information. In fact, IAP104 or 105 won't be outside but they will be placed inside camping cars (in fact, we are only thinking about this for a futur project). So I am getting information to know if it's possible how we imagine that deployment.



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