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Mesh portals and Mesh points configured in different AP groups but with same Mesh profile

Hello Experts,


I am having a network with all mesh points part of 1 ap group while the mesh portals are part of different ap groups. Same mesh profile is mapped to the AP groups of Portals and Points.

Will it have any negative implication? If yes, what it could be?

Mesh points AP Group:  Mesh-Points

Mesh portals AP Group: Mesh-Portals-36




Reason for going for this setup: There's some reason to go with this complex setup.

1) The RF deployment of WAPs is quite complex with no easy rf predictibility to conclude which mesh-points will be terminated on which mesh portals considering a hybrid deployment of Omni and Directional APs. Thus the portal-point mapping is not made static(by making them a part of same AP group). Rather it is left to the mesh algorithm to decide the Mesh points(Childrens) for a particular mesh point.

2) By keeping mesh portals as part of different AP groups, can make sure we have RF management profile of each AP group assigned with a unique 5ghz channels. Thus containing interference on 5ghz to some extent.

3) As the portals and point are sharing the same mesh profile, could see the Mesh portals in (Mesh-Portals-36,Mesh-Portals-40, Mesh-Portals-44 & Mesh-Portals-48) AP groups, having its children Mesh Points in Mesh-Points AP groups.


However would wanted to make sure from experts here, if it will have any negative implication?



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