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Message "Starting BOC log collection timer" when IPSEC tunnel goes Down

Hello, I have some controllers Aruba7010 running configured in branch mode. The problem I have is that the ipsec tunnel with master controller goes down  and up continually. When it happens i could see the following messages in log a few secons before and after.


#show log all | include "BOC log collection timer"


Aug 17 09:10:46  cfgm[3722]: <399816> <3722> <ERRS> |cfgm|  Starting BOC log collection timer
Aug 17 09:11:46  cfgm[3722]: <399816> <3722> <ERRS> |cfgm|  Stopping BOC log collection timer



For this particular case the tunnel goes down at Aug 17 09:10 (we have graphs to conclude) and the tunnel goes UP al 09:11:35 as show the next command:

#show crypto ipsec sa

IPSEC SA (V2) Active Session Information
Initiator IP     Responder IP     SPI(IN/OUT)        Flags Start Time        Inner IP
------------     ------------     ----------------   ----- ---------------   --------
10.X.X.X       10.X.X.X      95f43a00/1e235760  UT2   Aug 17 09:11:35     -    


This messages repeat every time this situation happens.


Does anyone know what these log messages mean?



Best regards.


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