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Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

I currently have a 3200 and 3600 in a Master/Local setup with the 3200 as the master.  We have outgrown this and i just had a delivery of 240 AP's and 7210 controller.  What i would like to do it transistion everything over to the 7210 and get rid of the 3200/3600  What is the easiest way to do this?  Can i do a flash backup of the 3200 and restore it on the 7210 to get all the configuration?  If that works will it also set the IP of the 7210 to the IP of the 3200?  I have seen some other posts about creating a Master/Master setup with VRRP, but i have not worked with that yet so its kind of an unkown area.  I was hoping for something along of lines or restoring the config and then provisioning AP's to talk to the new IP, or if restoring the config also restores the IP's, then restoring the config and then unplugging the 3200 and plugging in the 7210.

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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210


If you are completely removing the old controllers you can do the following :


- Backup Flash

- Before migrating transfer your licenses to the 7200 controller using the LMS site https://licensing.arubanetworks.com/ ( You should contact Aruba TAC, they should be able to assist you with that if you have experience any issues)

- Backup new licenses

- Copy/restored flash to 7210 (confirm it has been restored)

- Make sure all the VLANs/Port/IPs are correct on the 7210

- Move a test AP to the 7210 and make sure that you can access to your SSIDs and get an IP address, Make sure that your Radius/Amigopod (if you have one) information(NAS IPs) is updated with the new IP address of the 7210 if you are planning to change it.

- You could configured DHCP-option 43 and updated to be the new master , once all the APs reboot those should go to the new master IP or you could update the aruba-master and make sure you disable ADP on the old controllers once you are ready to start migrating.


Note: that the 3200 need a memory upgrade to install 6.2 on those

Thank you

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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

Since the 7000 series only runs on ArubaOS 6.2.x and above, it is best that you upgrade your 3200 and 3600 to system first, so that your transition is as smooth as possible.  


The Code just went GA and the release notes has a chapter on the steps required to upgrade to the 7000 series controller.  I'm attaching it so that you can take a look.




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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

That sounds like what i am looking for.  After i posted this and i was running through software updates on the new controller i noticed that section about the 7200 migration.  I will look to tackle this on my next maintenance window.  Thanks for your help guys.

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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

The attached doc may help.  It does not cover every case but will help guide you through the process.

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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

Thanks for your help guys i was able to do the upgrade this weekend following those guides and it went pretty smoothly. 

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Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

do update us on the result.


Re: Migrate from 3200 Controller to 7210

So I assume I just need to change the port numbering scheme in the config and then restore to the 7200, and should all be good?

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