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Migrating from 6.x to 8.1.x Site with Mesh Point to Point


I'm in the process of preparing to migrate from 6.x to 8.1.x + a Mobility Master and have a number of sites with Mesh Point to Point links.

Does anyone have any tips?

So far I have re-created the Mesh configuration in MM and will test that it gets pushed to a test controller and verify the configuration.

In a practical sense should I pre-load the 8.1.x firmware to the Access Point prior to the upgrade of the controller occuring e.g. load the 8.1.x to the non boot partition and do a pre-load to the APs.

Has anyone had any experience in doing somethinf similar? And what were the results?





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Re: Migrating from 6.x to 8.1.x Site with Mesh Point to Point

Keep in mind that there's no upgrade path to AOS 8 so once you install it on your controller all the config and licenses will be erased.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

- Transfer all your controller licenses (AP,PEF,RFP) to the MM using the HPE portal

- You could use the AOS 8 migration tool to do the migration from 6 to 8

- Or start the config from scracth and build your configuration in the MM and test with the spare controller (which looks like you already did).

If you decide to not use the migration tool once you install the AOS 8 you will go through the initial wizard (CLI) and point the controller to the MM also make sure the Mac address of the controller(s) is added to the MM.

There's also the consideration of clustering your controllers if both controllers share the same L2 networks.

Check the following links for more information:
Thank you

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Re: Migrating from 6.x to 8.1.x Site with Mesh Point to Point

With mesh, the migration tool is THE safest option, since it will preserve the mesh config and PSK as part of the migration. 


If you do it from scratch, you will need to make sure that the new mesh profile you create uses the exact same mesh profile config (MSSID and passphrase for sure, at least). 


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Re: Migrating from 6.x to 8.1.x Site with Mesh Point to Point



Is there any further info on this, or has anyone had success migrating remote mesh points from Version 6 to Version 8. I am currently migrating access points for a customer who have a couple of sites with Mesh'd APs. I am nervous we will loose the remote mesh points as they are re-provioned to the new controllers + software upgrade too. Is there any known process I should follow for success.



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