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Migrating from 6.x to 8.x

upgradingWe are planning to migrate about 500 AP's from an older 3600 based 6.x based deployment to a new 8.x deployment that has already been configured and tested.  We have several questions...

  • If the old group is not on the new system, will the AP's move to the default group?
  • From a firmware upgrade point of view, how many AP's can simultaneously download firmware, and how long will it take.  Should we move 20-40 at a time, or just dump them all.  Is there a Que
  • Obviously, we cannot preload the v8 firmware on the AP's from the old controllers first, or is there a way to do this even though the 3600 cannot run the 8 code.
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Re: Migrating from 6.x to 8.x

APs without group define will show up with flag G “no such group”, not default.
If you have multiple AP groups with different AP system profile, you can move one AP group at a time by changing LMS-IP in AP system profile of 3600 to the new VIP of MD

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