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Migrating from Ubiquiti to Aruba

Hello Airheads Community! I'm new to Aruba and I'm considering migrating my current wireless infrastructure from Ubiquiti to Aruba, roughly 20 Access Points.


I'm very much interested in Airwave and what it offers, but I would like to get a few things straight from a network point o view.

Basically the Airwave software would be installed in a server, the server is inside my management VLAN and connected to my core switch.

In the same core switch I will also place my aruba access points, each AP receiving in the trunk the management VLAN untagged and the WLAN VLANs tagged.

The WLAN interfaces would remain as they are in my firewall/router (Sonicwall), a trunk would come from the core switch and connect to one of the Sonicwall interfaces delivering all the WLAN VLANs and a dummy VLAN untagged. Basically I wouldn't have to configure anything in the switch since the logic applied to Aruba and Airwave would be the same of Ubiquiti and Unifi, correct?






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Re: Migrating from Ubiquiti to Aruba

That's correct. AirWave can be in your server subnet. It doesn't need to be in your AP management VLAN.

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Re: Migrating from Ubiquiti to Aruba

Awesome, thanks!


If it wouldn't be much trouble for you, one more question... :)


Does Airwave have a guide detailing everything that it does? I did manage to find a lot of information, but everything scattered between forums/youtube/blogs. What I have in mind is a 2k pages PDF with everything one needs to know about Airwave, do something like that exist?

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Re: Migrating from Ubiquiti to Aruba

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