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Migrating from old single controller to 2 new controllers

Good day all,


Thanks for all the excellent information in this community. I've been searching/reading non-stop for days trying to get up to speed.


Short version of my story is: I inherited an Aruba installation with a single controller (6000 series with M3) with just under 400 AP's running 6.3. We're stuck in 6.3 land until the budget gods let me replace the 100+ AP-61s we still have in production.


We recently purchased 2 7220 controllers in an effort to get redundant on the controller level. I was thinking of trying to bring one of the 7220s into the fold as a secondary master, migrating it to primary, then replacing the 6000 with the other 7220. This is nice on paper, but the logistics of trying to pull it off still escape me as I'm still getting up to speed.


Please help with any suggestions, directions, gotchas, links to how-tos or anything useful that I may have missed while trying to get up to speed in Aruba OS land. There may be a simple document that explains exactly what I need, but my search skills are lacking. With some good luck I'll be able to learn enough to pull this off over the holiday break where we're basically shut down except for me, security, and the facilities staff.


Cheers, and thanks again for all the great info on this site!

Re: Migrating from old single controller to 2 new controllers

See if this thread helps you out



If not let us know

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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