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Mimo AP's and antenna's

Specific questions with AP-175 getting ordered with only one ANT-2x2-d805 - and then that antenna getting installed to the two bottom rf ports.... (this is what happens when I go on vacation)


In our case these are not for mesh - but installed outside/area's where the ap175 hardened enclosure was desired.


So I could see provisioning this AP175 if the d805 was attached to both top/bottom radio1 ports for 2.4ghz coverage.

and the configuration profile would explicitly disable the 802.11a radio....


but in my specific case - if I enabled the radios - I'd end up with two unconnected/non-terminated trasmitting rf ports - this makes me think bad juju.   Definately don't count on mimo goodness - but I don't imagine this is good for the AP.


The install guide implies installing a d805 for each radio - but doesn't explicitly warn about attaching one d805 to each radio... or not using a radio.


I just don't want to fire up the AP if it may be causing harm to the unit.

Re: Mimo AP's and antenna's



You won't damage the unit if the ports are unterminated.  However you should definitely not run in that configuration since it won't work very well.


It is best to order a second D805, and connect each of them properly to same radio.   


It is possible to split the second D805 across the top two radio ports, however you'd need to make sure that each radio had an H and a V pol element going to it.  


Much easier to just put one antenna on each radio.


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Re: Mimo AP's and antenna's

Thanks for the reply.   I hadn't thought of the polarity issue - will need to check some installs now.   I know in my particular case - the intent was focused on 2.4Ghz..... so I want that one antenna attached to a single radio anyway.


but now I need to check the other AP-175 installs :)

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