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Minimal PoE injector wattage needed

I am installing numerous Aruba APs on our campus and need to purchase PoE injectors for the majority of them as we do not have PoE switches in all of our buildings.  What would be the minimal wattage PoE injector would I need that would be adequate enough for all the models I'm installing (AP-105, AP205, and AP-225)?  Brand and model recommendations please. 


Currently we are using PowerDsine 3001GC PoE injectors on some existing APs.  Is this model (15.4 watt) adequate enough for the AP-225?

Re: Minimal PoE injector wattage needed

Save yourself a lot of trouble down the road, just buy 802.3at compiant power injectors. That will support most any AP you will see for at least the next 5-6 years for Gig POE. PD-9001G-AC is the best model, but any 802.3at compliant injector will work on both 802.3af and 802.3at APs (up to 30W). 

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Re: Minimal PoE injector wattage needed



What about if we have 2924PoE HPE switches what is the details about it (Power dimention and cofiguration details like: eth1 and eth2 LACP, Power profile, LLDP profile, controller config, etc.) 


How to know if the APs got the rigth power and if nothig is wrong... 


By the way: I found that switches/instalations guys put more PoE devices that the switch support (12 APs and 8 HP 4120 Phones) in one switch and the Power got limit... so... 


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