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Missing APs licenses



When I try the command  "show license"

The license table is incomplete, because my key license for access point  don't show up.

My AOS version is this is happening in a 3200 and  a 3600 controller.


When I run a "show license limits" the limits are Ok.


How can I show my missing license.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Missing APs licenses

Does the controller has inbuilt licenses for those APs?

Can you post the output of command "show inventory"


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Re: Missing APs licenses

Sorry I don't have access to the controller at the moment


But I know that the 3600 controller have 4 inbuild licenses.





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Re: Missing APs licenses

How many AP license mismatch do you see on the controller? It should be equal to

Inbuilt AP license = license limit - installed license

The Inventory should have the model number as 3200-x / 3600-y where x,y = inbuilt AP license count
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Re: Missing APs licenses

Sorry but my customer is so busy , but finally here is the output for inventory. 


Supervisor Card slot            : 0

System Serial#                  : AC000xxxx

SC      Assembly#               : 2010031B (Rev:04.01)

SC      Serial#                 : F0083xxxx (Date:07/11/08)

SC      Model#                  : Aruba3600


It says only Aruba 3600 then this controller doesn't have inbuilt licenses?
And where may be it the missing licences.?
thanks in advance.

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Re: Missing APs licenses

You want the output of "show keys"


A controller can only have AP licenses built in; not any of the others.


Show keys will show you what you are working with.




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