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Mixing different Wave 2 AP models on same floor


If I deploy 4 APs on the same floor with 2 APs using Aruba AP-315 with 4x4 antennas on 5GHz and 2 APs using Aruba AP-303 with 2x2 antennas on 5GHz, will this be bad for the clients?

The reason I'm asking is that at my work we have a preschool in one part of a building and they require basic access with minimum speeds and in another part om the same building we have a department that needs the speed of the AP-315 for video conferensing and more heavy usage. The can potentially roam to eachothers APs. 


Since both APs are 802.11 Wave 2 APs, will this matter? I mean, the AP-315 can handle more data streams and negotiate a much higher throughput speed for the clients, but is this the only advantage?

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