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Mobile IP & VLAN Mobility enabled at the same time.


Reviewing our Aruba deployment, I have found that in our Virtual AP settings, advanced tab, we have both the 'Mobile IP' and the 'VLAN Mobility' boxes checked.


As I understand it, Mobile IP = layer 3 mobility, and VLAN Mobility = layer 2 mobility.


My training materials from Aruba Mobility Bootcamp state 'NEVER enable both L2 and L3 [mobility] on the same VLAN'.


Am I right in thinking that our configuration should be changed?

What problems might be encountered when running with both 'Mobile IP' & 'VLAN Mobility' enabled?

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Re: Mobile IP & VLAN Mobility enabled at the same time.

VLAN Mobility and IP mobility are two competing solutions with different approaches to solve the same problem of keeping client connected while roaming. Hence both cant be implemented at the same point.

(Above answer is based on my knowledge and NOT an official statement from Aruba)
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