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Mobile access points across vlans

Hello, me again :) 


Will the AP105 allow me to have it dish out IP's based on the physical location of the AP?     


Basically we have 5 mobile lab carts,  each has an access point and 30 laptops.     Teachers check them out and roll them to their rooms -  which might be in one of 4 different vlans.      Traditionally we give them IP's based on where the access point is plugged in,  so they can see junior high printers over bonjour if they are in the junior high for example.  


If all else fails i'll just put them in a vlan pool or something - just would rather do it like they have it now so no one complains. 




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Re: Mobile access points across vlans

If you configure a Virtual AP where the forwarding mode is bridged, it will "bridge" the client traffic locally so that they just get ip addresses from the local subnet.  Yes.

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