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Mobile (android/iOS) clients suddenly lose connection

Dear all experts and friends,


Our wlan has serious trouble with all mobile devices ( Android/iOS)


Aruba infratructure 


Controller : 7205 version ( Master-local)

IAP 325: converted to campus AP mode

Radius: Cisco ACS 4.5 (802.1x) ( staff)

Internal database: for Guest access

MAC authentication: for deverloper

03 SSID: staff,dev,guest


1. All laptop user now have good connection to wlan ( all SSID)

2. Mobile user (android) cannot access staff's wlan (802.x1), if they can, they will be disconnected after a few seconds

3. Mobile user can normally access wlan dev and guest without disconnecting (non-802.1x)

4. i've already removed 802.1x authentication (staff) and use preshared key.after that, mobile client can normally access it.

5. Mobile user can normally access wlan ( staff dot.1x) with Ruckus system.

6. i've already removed cisco ACS and use NPS ( radius microsft) but mobile client disconnected after few seconds or mintues or they cannot access. ( same cisco ACS)


I dont think this is error on mobile devices, because mobile user can normaly with other WLAN ( ruckus, free wifi, home, cafe...)


In attached file :

Log mobile client when access my Aruba WLAN ( failse)

Log mobile client when access my Aruba WLAN ( success)

Log laptop client when access my Aruba WLAN ( Always success)


In log failse, i saw after send authentication, controller provided vlan for client, but client cannot got IP address.


I was spend alot of time (two week and more), but i cannot detect the root cause.


Dear all experts and friend , please help me to investigate the proplem, Please review my configuration and give me some ideas or recommend for me.

Thank you so much

Best and regards,

Lee Nguyen



Re: Mobile (android/iOS) clients suddenly lose connection

hi Lee

Reproduce the issue then collect "show auth-tracebuf" shortly thereafter. Then, connect with the working laptop and run "show auth-tracebuf" again. (you may wish to enter "no paging" first to make it easier to collect, also ensure that "show running-config | include user-debug" returns no output first, e.g. there should be no user-debug configured)


Double check that you have the correct forwarding mode on the dot1x enabled virtual-ap profile. 



what is the configuration of role wlan_high_priority-role ?


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