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Mobility Controller + AP (Tunnel-Mode) -- QoS handling

Hi Community,


I´m trying to understand how QoS works in an enviroment when an Aruba Mobiltiy controller is used on a HQ and for communication to the branch offices - where the APs are installed e.g. MPLS is used inbetween.

please correct me if I´m on the wrong track, but for the Management of the AP - the Aruba proprietary PAPI is used encapsulated in GRE and the User Traffic is tunneld in a seperat way also over GRE not encrypted, right?!


first question: what happens to the QoS Definitions which are perhaps set on the Branch LAN and covered over that User GRE-Tunnel - is the ToS field of the inner header copied into the outer IP header and can so correctly be (re-)classified on the MPLS CPE?


second question: is there a mechanism how the AP differentiate Management- and User Traffic by itself, so if e.g. a congestion occur, is Management (PAPI) prioritized over all other in the AP or is there anything that has to kept in mind and has to be done manually in the configuration?


thank you for your inputs and greets

Re: Mobility Controller + AP (Tunnel-Mode) -- QoS handling

This previous thread should be helpful for explaining how QoS is implemented with the GRE tunnels:




One clarification to your question ... PAPI is not carried over a GRE tunnel from the AP to the controller, it is it's own unique connection. So yes, PAPI can be prioritized separately from the GRE tunnels used to carry wireless traffic to/from the AP.

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