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Mobility Controller-Virtual Appliance-50 Data Ports

Hi Experts,

Could I use 10 Gbps ports? In that case, could I do an aggregate 30Gbps link with 3 10Gbps ports? Would not there be a problem on the part of the Aruba MC-VA-50?




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Re: Mobility Controller-Virtual Appliance-50 Data Ports

If your hypervisor infrastructure supports 10G interfaces, you can use them for the VMC.


This sounds to me like a theoretical question as 30 Gbps for max 50 APs/800 clients (for the MC-VA-50) doesn't sound in balance to me. It could be that you are planning to deploy a corner-case scenario, which is good to verify with your local Aruba contacts to avoid that something is overseen in your specific situation.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: Mobility Controller-Virtual Appliance-50 Data Ports

A few things. If you're going to use multiple interface in LAG on the hypervisor, that requires Enterprise Plus licensing to enable LAG and dvSwitch across multiple hypervisors. Otherwise, follow in the installation guide. Each VMC utilizes 10G virtual interfaces as part of the VM. I would also note that no single VMC can exceed 10G in crypto throughput (a VMC 50 would be well below 10G), as such, there's not much value in LAG'ing 3x10G on the hypervisor when 2 would provide redundancy. 

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Re: Mobility Controller-Virtual Appliance-50 Data Ports

Hi herman

I just said it as an example to know how much bandwidth I can get for each interface for the (MC-VA-50).



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