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Mobility Master L3 Redundacy

Hi All,


Aruba newbie so hope this isnt a dumb question.


I have 2 physical MM devices destined for different datacentres/subnets.

L3 redundancy setup and databases syncing.


What 'resilient' IP should I point Managed Devices/MC's to, as there is no VRRP instance?

Do I add a secondary IP after full-setup?



IPSEC SA (V2) Active Session Information


Initiator IP                              Responder IP

------------                              ------------                  


(WOR-MM-01) [mynode] #show database synchronize


Last L2 synchronization time: Standby not synchronized since last reboot

Last L3 synchronization time: Wed Mar 14 09:57:21 2018

To Master Switch at unknown IP address:  succeeded

To Secondary Master Switch at  succeeded


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Re: Mobility Master L3 Redundacy

Hi, please ignore have answered my own query.


Secondary master is configured during full-setup:


This device connects to Master switch via VPN concentrator (yes|no) [no]:
Is Master switch Virtual Mobility Master? (yes|no) [yes]: no
Master switch Authentication method (PSKwithIP|PSKwithMAC|FactoryCert) [PSKwithIP]:
Enter IPSec Pre-shared Key: *********
Re-enter IPSec Pre-shared Key: *********
Do you want to enable L3 Redundancy (yes|no) [no]: yes
Enter Secondary Master switch IP address or FQDN:

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