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Monitoring of Enterasys / Trapeze

I see from the AirWave Supported Infrastructure Devices document that Trapeze is listed as having "Monitoring Support"....  



Trapeze MXR-2, MXR-8, MXR-20, MXR-2xx, MX-400, MP-3x2, MP-422 

Firmware: –

Can someone help me understand what I am going to get from these APs as compared to Aruba, Cisco, HP, or Motorola that seem to be fully supported?   


Specifically, will I get information about rogue APs?   I am probably pushing it, but how about anything else useful from a security perspective; clients associating to rogues or any IDS type events?



Systems Engineer, Northeast USA


Re: Monitoring of Enterasys / Trapeze

The supported AP Matrix has been streamlined down recently, but there's an older one from AirWave 7.3 that can be pretty useful:



The matrix shows that 'rogue scan support' is not supported for Trapeze.  Monitoring support means that we can monitor the devices, but do not handle configuration.


For the MXs: AirWave pulls the basic device details, wireless client data (no wired data), WLAN monitoring and encryption states.  In addition, the firmware range you listed are supported for upgrade / downgrades from AirWave server, with being the latest version tested (confirmed in AirWave 7.3 Firmware Matrix).

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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