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More indepth info about regulatory domains?

Can someone point me to the more indepth resources about various regulatory domains? I mean there is a lot of tables around Internet about allowed channels, some small pieces of info about EIRP in US vs Europe (not even enough to get a full picture even about these domains) and that's pretty much all. But I have many more questions :).


1) What about other domains? Is there a resource somewhere to get at least some overview?


2) I know that modulation types affect allowed EIRP as well. How? Where it comes from?


3) How MIMO, beamforming etc technologies are treated by various regulatory domains regarding EIRP?


4) I see a lot of "mine is bigger than yours" "long range" indoor AP's marketed all over the world with Tx power numbers like 29dBm in 2.4G range etc. Are there domains which allow this kind of levels or what's the point?


5) What could happen reality if users (or vendors?) are ignoring rules set by regulatory domain.

6) Is compliance to regularitory domains part of WiFi certification as well?

And porbably even more questions I don't remember at the moment.

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Re: More indepth info about regulatory domains?

This should help with the US domain:

http://www.revolutionwifi.net/2014/10/u-nii-unlicensed-spectrum-inventory-in.html though it doesn't cover bonding.


If you have an Aruba controller accessible, you can view the channel list that is currently supported on various models of ap with the "show ap allowed-channels".  You don't need to have the particular model of AP nor to be configured for a particular domain to see this info.  This does not include EIRP  -- the corresponding command to view that requires a running AP of that model to view, it seems (but does list bonded EIRPs separately).  These values may not be entirely in sync with regulations as there is some time lag between issuance of reg-data files and idiosyncracies with certain ap models.


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