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Most useful reports and client alerts in airwvave?

What are the most useful reports for you and how you create them if they are custom ones? This is more an oriented quetion for maybe Network Admins here as  you are the ones that ca tell me what are the most important reports and alerts for you guys?


Im putting up a demo for my clients who wants to check on the airwave an online one, but i would like to create  this kind of thing for them and i would like to know your admin persperctive in what they would be more interested in looking


I don thave that much expirience with airwave but for now what im finding useful

For Report:

1-For Switches are the port usage

2-Network Usage


For Wireless

1-RF Health


On Triggers

1-Device Down and device up

2-Client count(for me this is a must! it  can tell the admin when he might need more APS in that Area.

3-RAdio Noise Floor

4-Channel utilization


Please give me some more useful reports for you guys what do you most use or find more useful!

I would like to have this clear what is more important for network admins before launching this airwave into the public





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Re: Most useful reports and client alerts in airwvave?

It's going to vary based on usage case.  What kind of troubleshooting is your intended customer mostly doing?  A good split of priorities can be made between wired vs wireless focus, then deployment planning vs deployment improving, and then client experience - proactive vs passive troubleshooting.


Based on these factors, you will know more or less which direction to demo to address their usage cases.  Once you've gone over their needs, you can expand the vision to cover the additional cases that would help customer save time by utilizing AMP effectively.


Key things for proactive usage:

-VIP dashboard (this is on client overview -> only makes sense if you have fewer VIPs, when the list is too long, it becomes less helpful)

-connected clients and ap usage triggers

-RF Health and client session reports

-RF Performance and Network Deviation tabs

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Re: Most useful reports and client alerts in airwvave?



What they might like to see in addition to reports is types of devices/OS connecting and they can get a "live" picture from the dashboard (see dashboard.png) (configurable)


I will stick with AMP 7.6.4+ as not all features for IAPs are incorporated yet in AMP 7.7 (in case you want to demo with IAPs)


As Rob mentioned, RF Performance tab but also include the Diagnostics section of a particular client which will the show network path for that user and any issues that are currently being observed such as device down, high noise, etc.


One report we include for our customers who do not have an RFProtect license but want some rogue detection information which they get daily and they are happy with is the following custom report (see rogue_report.png). We run that report everyday and is mailed out in PDF form to them directly.


Customized client session report showing connection/disconnection information along with SNR and goodput can serve very well for end customers.


As for triggers, we've really customized our triggers based on timelines for when devices go down.

Example: Tell me when a device has been down for at least 15 min within the last 30 min with 1 down event.


Triggers even based off authentication failures, specific IDS events or controller events such as when an AP changes from 1 controller to another.


In AMP 7.7 comes automatic acknowledgment of alerts which is huge if you are performing managed services for a client.


Like Rob said, get some requirements from the customer and this will definitely help you demo Airwave to them where they will want it 100%.


Hope this helps....







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