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Mounting AP with external antenna inside wall/ceiling

Hi Everyone,


I've got a customer who is very concerned about asthetics. They have gallery space where we cannot have any cables or APs visable.


They are ok with mounting antennas to the wall or ceiling flush against the drywall.

i was wondering what peoples experience is with installing APs inside walls/ceiling? My biggest concern is that the APs get very hot. Is it safe to put an AP inside the wall, with an antenna coming through and serving clients on the other side?


I'm looking at something liek AP-324 with 2.4/5 GHz 3/4 dBi 4 Element Indoor/Outdoor Omni Antenna with RPSMA


In some areas we can mount the AP in an enclosure on the wall, but in many others they said nothing can be visable except for the antenna.


THakns for any tips.

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Re: Mounting AP with external antenna inside wall/ceiling

@jhoward do you know of any other antenna solution?

Re: Mounting AP with external antenna inside wall/ceiling

Generally not safe to install an AP in an enclosed interior space, it will need ventilation and a means to dissipate heat. If the APs are installed in the plenum and antennas surface mounted, that is totlly fine. If not, then they need to be installed in some kind of ventilated space, or louvres can be installed on the space receiving coverage so that it looks like an HVAC duct/vent. 

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