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Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

Hi there,

what do I have to look out for if I want to move two Mobility Masters with VRRP to another ESXI host?

There should also be an IP address change on both machines and vrrp address change.

Or would it be better to create a new cluster on the new ESXI host and copy the configuration?

Both old and new ESXI hosts are located on different sites, so a simple migration between both hosts wont be an option.

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Re: Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

You could try moving the MM VMs, reconfiguring them for their new IPs. Then, one at a time write erase the mobility controllers and reconfigure them for the new MM IP. The mobility controller should just come up and work as before.


I wouldn't attempt to do this without scheduled downtime. I suspect you could end up with some confused controllers in the short term.

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Re: Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

I got the information, that the MAC address on the new host should be the same as on the old ESXI host. This should prevent the for losing the licenses. They are set on "Manual". Could you confirm this?

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Re: Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

In that case there should be no change from license perspective. We happily vmotion our MM around ESX hosts, this shouldn't really be any different.... apart from the IP address change.

Re: Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

We need to be clear here. The licenses on the vMM is tied to the license passphrase generated on the MM at initial startup (a hash if you will). The passphrase is based on the virtual mac of the VMM as well as the UUID (vmware generated). So long as the UUID and vMAC are preserved, the passphrase will not change and the licenses will still work. 

vMotion within the same cluster should preserve that as the vCenter will coordinate that amongst the cluster members. 


Note it is NOT supported to vMotino the vMMs while running. vMotino requires that all databases be quiesced to prevent any corruption or loss of data, but the databases on the vMM do not support qiescing and are not exposed even if they did. So vMotioning a live MM is done at your own risk. Halting and shutting down the vMM before vMotion should work fine, but as always back up everything before doing so to be safe should anything occur.

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Re: Move Mobility Masters to another ESXI Cluster

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