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Moving AP's from OS VR

We have about 50 access points that are still on old controllers because when we try to move them from those controllers they keep trying to upgrade the code but are unable to they show up on our new master controller for abotu 30-50 seconds then are gone again. I called Aruba TAC they said we need to do a step upgrade we have some other old controllers running 5.4 they told me that would work, but I don't think they are because when I put them on that controller they don't seem to stay there either. Is there a document on what versions of code the AP's will step up to before going to 6.3? The methode im using is I set the AP to default on the old controller then set the static up for the new master controller and TFTP the same. Once they start rebooting I have to use a console cable to get them back on the old controller.

Re: Moving AP's from OS VR

What controllers do you have ? What type of APs ?

You should upgrade to the latest 3.x code and then go to the latest 5.x and then to 6.x

You should also read the release notes
Thank you

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Re: Moving AP's from OS VR

The old controllers are 800's the AP's are mostly AP 65's and 70's the new controllers are 7220 consoldating several small controllers into 5 large ones with 1 master. We can't upgrade the old controllers because one of our clients uses a bridge device called a Moxa wireless bridge. The new code 6.3 doesn't allow this because it's security risk shares 1 mac address shared between the moxa and wired client. Aruba confirmed  this has been blocked by the new code not sure what version anything over 6. We are working to replace these bridges with new Aruba wired Mesh AP's but they are all over the state I want to leave those on the old controllers but move the others off to the new one until we can work out a plan to get to those Access points. Most of our 1500 AP's have been moved becuase they were running on 5.4 controllers it's the pockets of AP's on these small statnd alone controllers which are not controlled by any single master that were left on old code. I'm not sure 800's can be upgraded that high maybe 5.4 I'm not sure. What I wanted to do was move the AP's to our old 5.4 controllers then up to the new ones. I might be able to upgrade a few of those stand alone ones not connected to the Moxa box. I don't think 800's can go up to version 6.

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Re: Moving AP's from OS VR



You should get professional services to get those controllers upgraded, period.  We can give you advice here, but there is no way that we can see every issue that you will encounter or hidden process that will break.  You can certainly feel free to ask questions, but do not expect to proceed without double-checking with someone who you would pay to ensure that your upgrade does not affect your business...

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Re: Moving AP's from OS VR

I concur with cjoseph, but also are you running with CPSec enabled on the 7200s, and if so are you checking the whitelist to allow the older APs to come up and online? 

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Re: Moving AP's from OS VR

Yes we have many AP65's and 70's running current'y over 500 at least were moved to the new ones from the controllers that were running 5.4 OS. months ago. The issue is bringing these AP.s from the 3.3 controllers to the 6.3.   Were talking about a very small number of AP''s only 30 plus I setup an AP 70 at my desk I put it on the on controller and once it downloads 3.3 then it will do the same thing as the others. Once I'm able to get that one moved Ill have a solution.  I think my question is can 800's be upgraded to 6.3 I don't think they can, but we can  upgrade them to 5.4?

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