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Multi-cluster AP provisioning

I've got a new 4 cluster AOS8 deployment using VIPs for the clusters per the design guide. As I begin bringing up the APs, they of course go to the cluster I have set up as the aruba-master.dns.com address. How do I actually provision the APs to the certain cluster I want them assigned to? I thought this was done using the LMS address and the VIP but then I heard that is not correct. Can someone clarify? 

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Re: Multi-cluster AP provisioning

APs that share a cluster should be in the same ap-group.  Each AP group would have an AP system profile that points to the LMS-IP of the cluster where you want those access points.

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Re: Multi-cluster AP provisioning

ok, thanks!


and also, since all the APs are on the main cluster when they first come online, all groups that I would ever want to provision to would have to be configured on that cluster as well as the destination cluster? 


I'd assume to make things simple, all AP groups should be created in the main folder so they trickle down to all clusters?

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