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Multiple Provisioning of static RAPs to new master

I have a lot (1800 65s and 105s) of RAPs that we are needing to point to a new controller.  The APs were originally configured to statically to point to a VIP of two local controllers and we are moving data centers so a new IP will be needed.  


The IP of the AP is also statically assigned as there is not DHCP available at the remote locations.


We are running


It is obvious on how to move these over one at a time but I am looking for a way to move these in bulk.


Any experience shared in doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Multiple Provisioning of static RAPs to new master

You could use the "provisioning profile" to change the Master IP address.


To test it, create a duplicate AP-Group and move one RAP into it.  Create a new provisioning profile with just the Master IP/FQDN set.  Apply the provisioning profile to the new AP-Group and see if it comes up on the new target controller.


One post about it, is here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/ArubaOS-and-Mobility-Controllers/AP-Configuration-Profiles-versus-AP-Provisioning-Profile/td-p/21358


Basically the provisioning profile will overwrite the flash of the AP (in this case the master ip address) with the new one and then the access point will then point to the new ip address..


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