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Multiple VLANs with different IPs



our school got 4 IAP 205 access points. Now I wonder how to configure them.


I need to configure three networks:

VLAN 1 (management - native):

VLAN 2 - SSID 2 (administration - tagged):

VLAN 3 - SSID 3 (education - tagged) :


VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 have their own radius server for 802.1X auth. There is no and must not be any routing between these VLANs.


How do I configure SSID2 to use  and SSID 3 to use as user authentification servers?


I think I need to create virtual interfaces.





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Re: Multiple VLANs with different IPs

Please see the Youtube Playlist here:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL37Y-XxK6oanTV3821XpKHFVo3hGPW-56


There is a video entitled "Configuring Aruba Instant 802 1x Windows 2003".  That will explain the 802.1x setup.


The Instant AP does not have an ip address on any VLAN besides the management VLAN, so it cannot route client traffic between VLANs beyond what the default gateway of the client does..

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