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Multiple default gateways (DSL and Cable)

I have a 620

I have a cable modem that goes to a netgear.thag goes into GE 1/8.  the port is configured for vlan 1 in access mode and the default uplink is set for vlan 1 and the defualt gateway is set for (IP of negear interface)

Then I have a DSL in briged mode that goes directly to port FE 1/6.  I have 4 IP addresses 50.0.x.40-43.

I have a vlan 1014 that is trunked on FE 1/5.  I want to do a nat translation that says anything from 50.0.x.40:443 go to 443 or anything 50.0.x.40:8080 go to  I have the DST-NAT I htink configured.  The problem I have is that since the default route is, I don't get a response form the server.  So how do I say if the source is 50.0.x.40 go to this host, and if the source is respond with the same IP, using the same gateway?  Does that make sense?


I'm really in a jam here with this.


Re: Multiple default gateways (DSL and Cable)

That should be possible using ESI. See for configuration at http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_64_Web_Help/Content/ArubaFrameStyles/ESI/ESI_Configuration_Overvi.htm


Haven't seriously looked at it myself (still on my TODO list) but I'm sure somebody else can help you further if that webhelp isnt sufficient.



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