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Multizone License Consumption

I’m trying to understand the licensing required under the following conditions:


Using 3 standalone VMCs in VSphere: 1 Primary Zone and 2 Data Zone with 6 WAPs


In possession of licenses

  • Aruba MC-VA-50 (JZ392AAE) could have gotten by with MC-VA-10, I think
  • Aruba Cntrlr per AP Capacity (JW472AAE)
  • Aruba Cntrlr per AP PEF (JW473AAE)
  • Aruba Cntrlr per AP RFProtect (JW47AAE)


Using Aruba OS or higher


Here are my assumptions:


  • Primary Zone (PZ):  WAP initial connection and profile source.
  • Data Zone (DZ): WAP connects after downloading profile from PZ and establishes additional SSIDs for WAP.


  • How are licenses consumed?
  • Are licenses installed on PZ only or on PZ and each DZ also?
  • Do the VMCs in the  PZ and DZs have any direct communication? i.e. Does PZ act as license pool?
  • Does the WAP initial connection to PZ consume license(s) or is there initial license consumption when WAPs connect to DZs?


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Re: Multizone License Consumption


As per AOS 8.4 multizone did not required separate license.

The DZ will not use an AP license for PZ APs. However, if you need firewall services on the DZ, then you need one
PEF license to enable the services on the mobility controller.

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