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I'm trying to set up Multizone between two systems. One system is a Mobility Master with multiple MDs. The other system is a standalone pair running HA. I set up the multizone profile and the ap group, but on the datazone wlc I'm getting the following error in the logs:


stm[4048]: <399803> <4048> <ERRS> |stm| An internal system error has occurred at file sapm_ap_mgmt.c function sapm_proc_hello_req line 15709 error AP(TEST-AP) HELLO was rejected because HA is not supported for datazone..


Is having the datazone WLCs in a HA pair not allowed?


Re: Multizone


Multinode cluster is accepctable  in both datazone and primary zone cluseter.

find the below consideratin for Multizone.

1. Primary Zone:   Standalone 1

    Data Zone:        Standalone 2


2. Primary Zone:   Multi Node Cluster

    Data Zone:        Standalone


3. Primary Zone:   Multi Node Cluster

    Data Zone 1:     Multi Node Cluster

    Data Zone 2:     Standalone



IMPORTANT: A MultiZone AP can belong to one and only one PZ, and a PZ can support a maximum of four DZs.


And below are few limitation of Multizone:

  • Same AOS version in all zones ( support only 8.x onwards)
  • DZ and PZ have same AP group names
  • Cannot manage PZ and DZ controllers from same MM
  • Max 5 zones (1 primary + 4 Data)
  • Max 12 controllers for all zones
  • Max 16 VAPs per radio for all zones
  • Mesh AP / RAP not supported


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