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NAS ID on accounting packet

For a project, I need to send accounting information to a third party providing them some extra location information.


In order to avoid having to maintain a mapping of my APs name and their positions with the third party, I wanted to create specific AAA profiles with different NAS ID information reflecting the location.


It seems as of version that the NAS ID is not sent in AAA Accounting Packet.


I see the NAS IP address is included in the AAA Accounting packet and I could achieve the result by using it but it would make more sense to use the NAS ID.


Is there a way to enable the NAS ID information in AAA Accounting packets?



Re: NAS ID on accounting packet

I know you can certainly add the NAS ID to to the RADIUS server which should include this in an accounting packet, have you tried this?


aaa authentication-server radius "Test"
   nas-identifier "test"

According to the standard it should be possible...



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Re: NAS ID on accounting packet



That is what I am already having.


I did a packet capture on the Radius Server side. I can see the NAS ID for the Authentication but not on the Accounting ( same server group used)


As per the standard, it says that either the NAS IP or NAS ID must be included.

I see the NAS IP on the accounting in the packet capture.


I agree that it should be possible but it just seems that it is not included. Not sure if a latest version or a setting could enable the functionnality.




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Re: NAS ID on accounting packet

I noticed that on version 6.5, you have two new profiles under the Radius Server


This allow to specify which attribute to send or filter for either the authentication request or the accounting request.


That seems to solve the issue but I will need to test it more.



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