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Need Help Configuring AP-277 Point to Point

If somebody can point me in the right direction as I cannot find any information on my setup.


We have a situation where there isn't line of sight to the other local. As a solution we've designated an intermediate location that we can use as relay. Our setup consists of four 277 AP's. Two of the 277's will be placed at the intermediate location, they will serve as the relay to the sites. See attached diagram.



The plan is to connect the two AP's at the intermediate location via an ethernet cable (probably a crossover) to allow them to act as a relay between the two ends.


What configuration will be needed on the two intermediate AP's to allow them to pass data to each other via the ethernet cable so that they can pass data with the AP's at the sites?


Any help will be appreciated!


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Re: Need Help Configuring AP-277 Point to Point

Is this a controller based setup, or using Instant mode for the 277s? I'm assuming controller based because of the forum this thread was posted in, but should validate that assumption.


I'm not sure whether your main site is at the top or bottom of the diagram, but if you number your APs sequentially from top to bottom:


AP1 - top AP, presumed wired to the main site

AP2 - first poll mounted AP

AP3 - second poll mounted AP

AP4 - bottom AP, presumed wired to the remote site switch


APs 1 and 3 in this scenario would be configured as mesh portals. From their perspective, they have wired uplinks for connecting back to the controller.

APs 2 and 4 are mesh points. Their uplink to the controller is over wireless, via the portals above.


The mesh points (AP2/AP4) would be in an AP groups configured with ethernet port profiles to bridge (or tunnel, depending on your need) across the wireless. This enables AP2 to provide AP3 with a wired connection as though it was connected to the same switch as AP1. Similarly, AP4 then provides a wired pass through to the 3560 as though the cable were directly connected to the same switch as AP1.


Use two mesh profiles to force the hop across the light pole (AP2 only talks to AP1 via mesh1, and AP4 only talks to AP3 via mesh2). 

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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