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Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

Net map.jpgWe need help setting up this configuration. At the moment we have a Trunk port that that has four VLANs attached to it that connects with the Aruba 303H. The Management (MGMT) VLAN gives an IP to the AP, the Building VLAN provides IPs to ethernet connections, the WiFi VLAN provides IPs for WiFi connections, and the VoIP VLAN provides IPs and configurations for the VoIP phones.


Our issue is mainly with the VoIP phone. What we want to happen is for the phone to connect to the Building VLAN, and DHCP tell the phone to go to the VoIP VLAN and get its configuration from there. Unforunatly, we are unable to get this configuration. If anyone knows how to do this or has a better implementation, please give us a hand.

Re: Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

Are your down-stream 303H ports that the VoIP Phone is plugged into configured as Access Ports or Trunk Ports? I managed to get a similar setup working with the 205Hs and Cisco 7945 (VoIP Phones tag their own information from CDP) - but I had to set the downstream port to trunk with native VLAN being the workstation/data VLAN - with the VoIP VLAN allowed and VLAN 1 for CDP as I came to discover that Cisco sends CDP tagged as VLAN 1 if that native-vlan is anything but 1 while troubleshooting via packet-captures.

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Re: Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

Are you running Aruba Instant on the AP, or are you using a controller?

What is the configuration for the AP port on which the phone is connected? To get it native in the building VLAN and tagged in voice, you should put the port in trunk mode and assign the voice VLAN as tagged and the building VLAN as native.


Maybe you can share the relevant configuration that you set up already?

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

We are using a controller - ArubaOS version
We have the AP port configured as a trunk port with the native VLAN configured with the building network and allowing all vlans. We then have LLDP-MED network policy that tags the voice VLAN.

If we plug in a computer into this port, we do receive a valid IP address from DHCP from the building network, however, when plugging in the phone, it does not get any information (sometimes it shows the correct VOICE VLAN, other times it doesn't).

Re: Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

Not sure what happened to my reply yesterday with our config and 205H details. What's the model of the uplink switch and of the VoIP Phone? While troubleshooting my VoIP tagging issue - the Phone Team was able to put my VoIP Phone into "Span Port" mode to view the packet trace. I did capture on both sides - span port at the uplink and the VoIP.

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Re: Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

I was wondering if a solution to this thread was found.  I have a similar situation.  I am running and aruba 303H off of a 2930F switch.  I am trying to get a cisco IP phone to register. I have power to the phone, but it is not pulling a DHCP address and not registering with the Cisco Call Manager.  I have the voice vlan push all the way out to the edge.  The access point connect with a device profile and the configuration is determine by a controller.  I have the POE port on the 303H configured for the voice vlan.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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