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Need help upgrading from 4704 to 7210, etc



We're finally upgrading our wireless controllers from (3) 4704s to (2) 7210s. The old setup is running AOS and the 7210s are at 6.5.1. We're also upgrading APs: from 105,125s, 205s, to 315s. 


Due to labor constraints, we won't be able to change out all our APs immediately. I'd like to join the 2 new controllers with the old but I see that i need to upgrade to 6.5.1. Another constraint would be the 125s will probably not work once i upgrade AOS.  


Given this scenario, how would you go about deployment? 

Re: Need help upgrading from 4704 to 7210, etc

You are correct on the AP125 (max ArubaOS 6.4) and AP315 (min ArubaOS 6.5). I just answered a similar question here. You have the luxury of an additional pair of controllers; and probably the best is to first replace the AP125s so you can upgrade the other APs directly.


If you have both controllers in parallel, you could even from the AP provisioning on the old controller, move APs to the new controller. Be aware that software upgrade of the APs from Alcatel to ArubaOS, CPSec setup may take some time; and expect the APs to be unavailable somewhere 5-15 minutes during that process. As you can do that AP per AP, you may reduce service downtime for the clients to a minimum. As explained in the other post, roaming between old/new controllers during the AP migration process is expected not as smooth as normal.


If you made up a plan, please check with Aruba TAC if you are taking the right approach.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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