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Need help with configuration of RAP-5WN

I am working through the VRD for RAPs and have an almost working configuration.


The AP finds the Master Controller and the zero touch configuration works resulting in the RAP getting provisioned and assigned to an AP-Group.  The Wired ports on the AP are working as expected as is the g-radio. What is not is as expected is that the a-radio won't come up and the AP does not move over to the LMS.


The a-radio profile is the default and the ap-system profile I have assigned works just fine for the Campus APs that I have using it.


I have obviously missed something but I'm Stumped.

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Re: Need help with configuration of RAP-5WN

RAP-5WN is a single radio dual band AP, so  RAP-5WN can operate in only one band at a time. If you want to make the RAP-5 operate in a band, go to the ap-system profile and make sure that the rf band parameter is set to a.  This will make the RAP5-WN operate in the 5GHz band but it will stop operating in the g mode.


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Re: Need help with configuration of RAP-5WN

Thanks. I forgot all about it being a single radio.:smileyembarrassed:

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