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Need some Clarification around ARM, Radio and the EIRP settings

Hi All

I have read the below article in the hopes to optimize my RF and transmit power settings with my deployments http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Command-of-the-Day/EIRP-Values/m-p/5534/highlight/true#M230  but I am still abit unclear.....


It does clarrify a few points but I am a bit confused when looking at the configurable options under the controller.

Primarily with the Min/Max EIRP under the ARM profile and the Transmit EIRP under the Radio Setting?


Under Each Radio profile for A and G you can set the Transmit EIRP (when you have expanded the Advanced tab).

Then also under the ARM profile for the respective Radio you can set the Min and Max EIRP.


  1. How do these settings affect each others setting EIRP under the ARM and Radio sections?
  2. On my regulatory domain I understand the max transmit power should be 100mW -- I used this site  http://rfcalculator.mobi/convert-eirp-dbm.html and calculated my EIRP at 20dBm for the 100mW, Am I understanding this correctly?
  3. With the Above I set my Transmit EIRP to 20 under the Radio settings for both A an G to 20 and my ARM Max and Min to 24 and 18 respectively --- is this correct?
  4. I am using AP-105 (and only one 104 with external antennas) from what I can tell the Max EIRP on these AP models are 23dBm --- is my settings above correct for this?


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Re: Need some Clarification around ARM, Radio and the EIRP settings

The radio profile transmit power and channel only comes into play if ARM is disabled.  If ARM is enabled, those settings are not used.

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