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Hi All,


I am somewhat new to Aruba and have a few questions about some things.


Master - Local setup:

I have seen in several places that the master can't actually have AP's terminated to it as it just handles management and configuration functions. In other places I have seen a Master-Local setup described with as little as two controllers. If the former statement about the master not being able to terminate APs is true, what would be the benefit of that?



1. I am very used to clustering setups (coming from Cisco and Trapeze.) From what I can tell a cluster will still require a 'Master' controller. This controller can still have AP's connected to it, right?


2. I have seen it advised to use VRRP setups while clustering controllers. This kind of seems odd to me because isn't the entire point of clustering that all the AP's have secondary connections to the other controllers. What is the advantage of having VRRP configured in a cluster setup?




So far I am under the impression that either a Master - Local setup with the local controllers at each site communicating via VRRP for active/passive or active/active (two VRRP setups for two different AP location groups)  or Clustering will be my best bet. Does anyone have any opinions / arguments against or for either of them? In the Active/Active Master-local setup can the Master be one of the controllers at a site or does it have to be without any AP's connected to it just specifically managing everything else?


Master Backup:

I am also assuming I can configure master redundancy seperately from the wireless layout / design I am using because it is kind of independent from it. Assuming masters can have AP's on them this should be rather easy.


Thanks in advanced for any information you may be able to provide. Just trying to get a definite answer on some of the above things.





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