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Network Improvement and Best Design Practices

Hello Folks,


I've traditionally been a wired network (DataCentre) guy, but for many reasons, have recently inherited the responsibility for our Aruba (Dell) wireless infrasturcutre. 


A bit of back story, our company bought our Aruba infrastrucutre as a "turn-key" solution during Aruba/Dell's rebranding phase, and from the first stage of implimentation to our current state, it was nothing short of a bad experience.  From poorly placed APs, to bricked controllers or poorly configured controllers, wireless has become a sort of forbidden word around here.


We have around 200 WAPs, some RAPs, and two controllers. While I know the basics of wireless design, I'm far from any sort of wireless focus. My question is, are there any sort of best practice or design guides I can use to educate myself regarding the config options I should be looking at in our infrasturcutre.


My goal is to drastically improve our current situation, which involves significant channel overlap, interference and instances of WAPs placed nearly beside each other.


Any next steps would be much apprecaited!

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Re: Network Improvement and Best Design Practices



Please try the Optimizing Aruba WLANs for Roaming Devices VRD on the page here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/resources/reference-design-guides/

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Re: Network Improvement and Best Design Practices

This looks to be exactly where I should start - much appreciated.

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