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Network Packet Loss after Aruba Wireless Firmware upgrade to

So this is a weird issue. I just upgraded our Aruba Wireless firmware from 6.4 to 8.4 and I've lost access to several of my edge switches on my network. I'm getting 94% ping timeouts when I try to communicate with those switches. Did not have this issue on firmware 6.4.


I've narrowed the problem cause to the Virtual Controller. When the AP the VC is running on is rebooted, while the VC IP is offline, the packet loss disappears and I regain access to my switches. As soon as the VC tranfers to another AP and comes back online I lose access again and the packet loss returns.


I am struggling to find the cause of this but it must be something in the 8.4 firmware. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: The ping loss appears to only affect HP Procurvew 2520 Switches. Latest firmware does not fix the problem.

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