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New 7010 Controller Configuration

I'm part way through setting up a 7010 controller from scratch and so far I've configured interface 17 as the uplink to the network with an IP address and on our Management VLAN, I've also configured a loopback address on the same management VLAN.


I can ping the loopback address from the network but not interface 17 address. I can't HTTP or SSH from the network to the controller.


If I patch my laptop directly to interface 17 I can ping both addresses and connect via HTTP and SSH.


When I try to ping from the controller to the network it doesn't work at all even though there's the correct default gateway configured.


I've tried numerous things including factory reset but get the same results everytime, I've double checked the config against our other controllers and can't see anything obviously wrong. I've checked the network and that's all fine.


Can anyone help with the problem I've got?








Re: New 7010 Controller Configuration

It sounds like a VLAN trunk/access/tagging problem.


Double check that both sides of the link agree on VLAN tags and whether the uplink is an access or trunk port.


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