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New AP-225 not booting properly

I seem to have a couple problems with a new AP-225 that we are trying out:


 While booting, we get a message "Shutting down eth1 due to insufficient POE voltage".  Sometimes, it is eth0.  Sometimes it is eth1.  Both POE bricks are working.  I've tried it with one brick and no power on the other line.  (I was planning on a POE switch but that didn't work either)


The AP is getting an IP address and has identified one of our controllers as its master but there is never more than one enet LED blinking on the front and it never get spast blinking.


After a couple minutes of blinking, it goes into a reboot loop.  One of the reasons is being unable to contact the switch... 'HELLO-TIMEOUT' after 10 tries.  I can ping the switch/controller from the AP.  


I have also seen a message about a "reboot after image upgrade failed".  I even switched which controller it contacted.  Still failed.  


Did I need to upgrade the controller to use a 225?  I didn't see anything in the documentation about it.  It's already at 6.1.  

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Re: New AP-225 not booting properly

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Re: New AP-225 not booting properly

Your controller would need to be upgraded to 6.3.x code to support the AP-225.


Also, the AP can run with .af  PoE but operates with reduced functionality.

 - The second ethernet port will be disabled

 - USB port is disabled

 - AP operates in 1x3 RF chain on 2.4 GHz and 2x3 RF chain for 5 GHz.


If you use a .at PoE source or a power adapter, the AP will operate with all functionality available.

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Re: New AP-225 not booting properly


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