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Newbie - Issues Setting Up Multiple APs



I'm fairly tech savy but a newbie when it comes to Aruba and networking.  I'm hoping this borad can help.


I am attempting to improve the coverage in my home and yard with multiple APs.  Previously I had one AP (IAP-205) and went through the setup process.  No problem - everything was working great.


I added a second one (IAP-215) a few months ago, and it was a bit flaky (or I was a bit flaky) but ended up getting it added to the network with no issues.


I am now attempting to add two more APs (IAP-224) and is where the problems begin.  I plugged in the first one last night and everything was going fine.  The web instance showed me the AP.  I renamed it and put in a DB value for the external attenees.  It told me to rebot, so I did.  At that point the device never reappeared with the other two APs on my network.  At one point, as I was attempting to refresh the instant.arruba...  it showed up by itself on the network (with all the clients connected to it) then promptly disappeared and hasn't come back sense.  I believe that I had told the original AP-205 to be the master, but can't recall if I did so for the first 224.


The second IAP-224 was plugged in and appears to be working fine, but it never popped up on the instant.arruba site to even configure.


Any thoughts/help that this group could provide?  



Re: Newbie - Issues Setting Up Multiple APs

Were they all at the same version of software and on the same L2 network?

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Re: Newbie - Issues Setting Up Multiple APs

Yes.  Have updated firmware and they are operating on same OS. 
Believe they are operating on same L2.  

Re: Newbie - Issues Setting Up Multiple APs

The swarm should self-manage unless you've got a VLAN or configuration issue, so I'll assume one of those ;)


Just to ask the obvious: all iAP are in the same VLAN?


If you told one to be the master, rathern than letting them elect one, that's OK - unless you've told two to be master. In my testing of that "accident" they argue and force all iAP to soft-reset every few minutes.


You might try powering down all iAP, then bringing up just the problem one and checking the configuration. Then repeating with the others.


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Re: Newbie - Issues Setting Up Multiple APs

Had to reboot everything and it ended up working.  Thanks for help.

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