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No DNS Connectivity on Apple when using specific SSID

Hello guys.

I'm testing Aruba IAP-205 in our environment and have strange problem.

Our wireless environment has (at the moment) couple of Cisco 1100 access points. They are broadcasting two SSID's - for employees (using Windows 2008 NPS Radius auth) and for guests (using WPA2-PSK).


Now - I've added IAP-205 configured the same way - connected to trunk, different SSID's for different VLANS. Radius auth for users, wpa2-psk for guests. I've used same SSID's like in my environment to let the users easily roam between AP's. DHCP data (ip's, gw, dns) is obtained from cetral DHCP server.


Windows Laptops are connecting and working fine. Windows Phones and Android phones too.

But Iphones and Ipads are connecting, but the cannot browse internet. Using IP addresses everything is working fine, so it's clearly DNS problem. DNS is properly obtained from DHCP server.

When I'm configuring network with different SSID but leaveing the rest of the configuration in the same way - everything is working fine.


How is using same SSID on different AccesPoints correlated to DNS configuration on Access Points?

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Re: No DNS Connectivity on Apple when using specific SSID

this might be better suited for the instant section.


there really shouldn't be, although roaming between different AP systems (cisco to aruba and the other way around) isnt really wise.


if you setup an IAP somewhere else, do iOS devices work correctly? have you perhaps setup some filtering rules? i assume the IAP isn't the L3 device? you drop the devices in the vlan? can you capture traffic there to see if requests are send / replied to?

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Re: No DNS Connectivity on Apple when using specific SSID

What's your Guest ACL?  any-any-any permit?



David Hardaker
MVP Guru

Re: No DNS Connectivity on Apple when using specific SSID

Also don't forget to run show #datapath session | include xxxx (where xxxx is the IP of your DNS server) to see if there is a response from the DNS server, if you see a Y - no syn is occuring.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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