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Nokia Lumia 920 & Window Phone 8.0 occasionally asks to re-auth wifi connection



I'm curious to hear if anyone's run into issues where certain users w/ Windows Phone 8.0 are asked to re-authenticate themselves to the enterprise (WPA2 Ent) wifi network.  


I have 2 users who are reporting issues w/ Windows Phone 8.  


One of them has problems seeing the secured network; when he attempts to configure the network, he's greeted w/ a "Continue connecting?" notice, which reads "If you expect to find <SSID> in this location, go ahead and connect.  Otherwise, it may be a different network with the same name."  He's able to configure it, but occasionally looses signal which causes him to jump back onto cellular.  I believe he then has to reconfigure his wifi connection, but I'll need to verify that. 


The other user occasionally gets asked to re-authenticate himself.  This occurs randomly.  Sometime's it occurs when he roams between buildings (APs & controllers), sometime it occurs when he roams between APs on the same floor / controller / infrastructure (etc).  


I was given a test device to try out, but I have not yet encountered any problems.  This Lumia doesn't have a SIM card, so it can't failover to cellular, however I've got wifi configured and I have yet been asked to re-auth my network credentials.  I haven't been everywhere yet, so I don't have the same roaming profiles as the other, but I'll try to recreate a typical roam around campus to see if I can encounter any sort of re-auth issue. 


I've just started gathering info on these devices.  I've placed all 3 Lumia 920 devices on AMPs "Watched Clients" list to start and try to correlate any SNR data w/ possible events they may run into.  I've also enabled user-debug debugging for all 3 devices on all of our controllers so that we can gather as much logs as possible.  


We're not setup to be able to do packet captures yet, so I hope it doesn't come down to that.


If anyone's encountered any such similar experience, I'd be curious to know it.


If anyone has any additional troubleshooting steps or info they care to share, I'm all ears.  




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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 & Window Phone 8.0 occasionally asks to re-auth wifi connection

The message about "expecting to see this network" is the replacement to the connect/terminate dialog in Win 7. You will start to see this message in Windows 8.1 as well.


If you constantly see this message, the client doesn't appear to be storing the certificate/server trust. Are any Windows 8 users seeing the same behavior?


Is your RADIUS cert signed by a public CA?

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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 & Window Phone 8.0 occasionally asks to re-auth wifi connection

Thank you for your response.  


I'll ask the user if he enabled "Validate server certificate".   Do you know if there is anyway to verify that the cert is installed?   Is there any kind of certificate manager for Windows Phone 8?  


As far as I know, there are 3 users reporting issues, but I haven't followed up on the 3rd user & I'm not certain if she has a Windows Phone 8 issue or a general Windows 8 issue.  As I've stated, using the test phone I was given, I have yet to encounter any issue. 


Yes, our RADIUS uses a cert from Internet2 : InCommon Server CA; Issued by AddTrust External CA Root.




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