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Noob question Ap105

We have bought several AP105's and want to create two wifi'

1) wifi name :LIVE this will connect to put live network in ip range range (dhcp from my server on

2) wifi name : DMZ this will be a zone where no one can access each other and only have access to the web (dhcp to be assigned by the wifi point on a separate subnet)


ive also bought a Cisco sp 200 (24 port Poe swswitch what is the best route and procedure as I can only get one wifi to woworker ally hope you can help

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Re: Noob question Ap105

What information are you specifically looking for? Have you tried the wizards already and if so what issues are you having?



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Re: Noob question Ap105

I've connected the ap to port 3 on the Cisco switch.

configured the port n the switch to have vlan tag 10, 20 & 30.

on the ap, created a e wifI ssid, changed the config to be manual vlan tag of 20.


on my dhcp server created an ip scope of but don't know how here to link this to the vlan 20

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Re: Noob question Ap105

i assume you mean IAP-105 (instant) right? you aren't using a controller correct?


well if you want client in vlan20 get a dhcp address from your dhcp server then you either have to put the dhcp server an interface in that vlan or put an ip-helper address on the vlan on the switch towards the dhcp server.


you could try to go simple first, one vlan, one ssid and then extend into more vlans and ssids.

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