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Novice mesh question

Hi All,

I have two AP-175's in a mesh configuration.

I do not want clients connecting to the 5GHz radio on these AP's.

How can I disable the client wlan SSID on the 5GHz radios for this mesh AP group?

Tried to find the correct profile for this change but was too afraid to change anything as this is a production system.


Re: Novice mesh question

Easiest way is:


If the two mesh APs are in their own group, create a VAP profile that used a 2.4Ghz SSID only (can use same AAA and VAP settings, just use a 2.4Ghz only SSID profile in the new VAP)


If the two Mesh APs are part of a regular CAP group, then you can do an AP specific setting to exclude the dual-band VAPs/SSIDs and create new 2.4Ghz only VAPs/SSIDs to be applied to those AP-specific settings.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Novice mesh question

Thank you...

The AP's were in their own group, so, your first suggestion worked perfectly...

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