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OC20 connection

  1. Newbie question. Can I connect my OC20 directly to a BT Homehub5?

I have tried a wired connection to both the Ethernet and Broadband WAN ports, but the OC20 does not seem to like either option. It won’t create its own network for me to connect to via the mobile app! 

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Re: OC20 connection

What lights do you see on the access point when it has been installed?



Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 05.54.06.png

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Re: OC20 connection

Hi, Green light flashes for approx 4 mins, then red light flashes for approx 1 min, then back to green flashing light and so on

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Re: OC20 connection

Update: The OC20 is now flashing green/red alternately. 

It would be really useful to know if anyone has connected the AP via a BT Homehub, which ports they used, and if they had to configure the homehub, or not!


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Re: OC20 connection

With the OfficeConnect OC20 setup, required are 1) DHCP service that will give the AP an IP address, and 2) Internet access to enable the cloud management account.  Out of the box boot-up takes a few minutes unless there is a one-time firmware update being loaded first, then it is more like 6 minutes.


Here is info about LEDs:

- Normal post-boot "ready to go" to start configuration from the app, the AP will have one solid green LED - the left larger LED.  An unconfigured AP at this point will show up as an AP broadcasting "OfficeConnect" + MAC address as the SSID. 

- If there is no Internet access, the AP will have a solid green LED (left) plus a blinking amber LED (right).  You cannot complete initial configuration without internet access.

- Once you begin to configure and the app attaches to the AP, the LEDs alternate green / amber.  Left blinks green alternating with right blinking amber.  This doesn't stop configuration.

- When done with configuration, Gigabit connection, both are solid green.



I'm not aware of any issues with BT Homehub.  


I can't tell from your description where in the install you are.  BTW, OC20 comes with 90 day phone support followed by chat so you can contact Aruba for support.


Hope this helps.


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Re: OC20 connection

Thank you for the reply. Very helpful. I have connected the AP to my Homehub and downloaded the app. I have run through the process as required, using prompts from the phone app. After connected the AP, and powering up, the green lights flash, irregularly for severl minutes, and then settle down to a steady green flashing light from the larger of the two LED's. 

The app asks me to search for a new network which should look something like "OfficeConnect.XXX" but I cannot find any network that looks anything like that, in fact no new networks at all.

This is where I am stuck and need advice

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Re: OC20 connection


If you are not seeing the OC SSID, perhaps an earlier issue has hung you up.  Suggest you reset the unit and try again.  See if you get back to seeing the default SSID.


How to reset -- use a paper clip to press the reset button then apply power to the unit.  


If that doesn't work, I'd take advantage of the free chat support on the OC20 to work through this. 


Good luck.

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Re: OC20 connection

To be more precise ...How to reset the OC20 -- use a paper clip to press the reset button then apply power to the unit.  Then release the paper clip.  Unit will reset to default config.

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